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Drywall Partitioning

Drywall Partitioning is a form of light-weight wall construction method to partition interior spaces using studs and drywall boards. Drywall Partitioning is a very fast method of partitioning open spaces and has a number of advantages including the advantage of cost, being light-weight- which is instrumental in not burdening structures with additional weight (as conventional bricks do) and the speed at which the walls can be constructed. Drywall is available in a variety of types to suit customers’ requirements i.e. classic drywall (basic and most popular type), fire walls, load-bearing walls, moisture resistant walls, impact resistant walls etc.

Bulkheads are parts of the ceilings that either protrudes from (or forms a recess in) the ceilings to form a feature in the ceiling. Bulkheads are also used (in some cases) to hide/cover structural objects that may otherwise look untidy if exposed. A variety of bulkhead types can be constructed in line with our customers’ needs and desires. We use the T38 system due to it’s impressive flexibility to build the structure followed by cladding with either 9mm boards or 12mm boards or 12mm moisture boards depending on the client requirements.

Rhinolite ceilings are the most popular type of ceilings. This ceiling type fits in well with any type of design or arrangement within houses, offices, schools, hospitals etc. The seamless look that contains no visible ceiling joints is very pleasing to the eye. Rhinolite ceilings can be installed using a combination of any of the following material: 9mm or 12mm rhinonoards, moisture boards or fire boards onto a T38 grid system, steel branderings or 32×32 saligna branderings. Large variety of finishes are available for customers to choose like Shadowline plaster-trim or moulded polystyrene cornices.

Iso-board ceiling is a multi-purpose ceiling type, offering effective thermal control and it is a waterproof product thus making it a robust and aesthetically pleasing application. This product is available in 3 finishes i.e. pine, bevelled and flush-joint. The application of this ceiling type can be onto wooden branderings (32x32mm saligna), steel branderings or T38 grid system depending on the customer’s requirements. Cornices can be used to perfectly finish off the perimeters.

PVC ceiling is a fairly recently introduced product in the market and it has been received very well. It’s striking features are that the panels are maintenance free and pvc ceilings are available in the large assortment of colours + designs. As a result of the former and latter, PVC ceilings have become extremely popular amongst home owners alike. A variety of pvc designs are available to choose from. Typical application would be onto saligna branderings or steel brandering + perimeter finishing with cornices.

Hence the name “suspended ceilings” this ceiling type is installed by suspending the exposed grid from the roof trusses, rafters or concrete soffits. This application is often used for commercial purposes i.e. offices, schools, hospitals, churches, etc. The composition of material used are primarily white (or black) exposed tee system, hanger straps/wires, m6 or Lsm25/shadowline wall angle and onto the grid the boards (either 1200×600 or 600×600) gets placed. There is a variety of lay-in tiles available e.g. acoustic boards (for sound absorption), white vinyl boards (standard and most popular), Fissured vinyl boards, minerval, ecophon etc.

H-strip ceiling is a classic ceiling type that has stood the test of time. With its exposed metal H-jointing strips this ceiling type makes for an economical, simplistic yet elegant and neat look. H-strip/Bischoff strip ceilings can be installed using 6.4mm rhinoboards or NUTEC BOARDS which are waterproof. H-strip ceiling is ordinarily installed with 75mm cove cornices but goes extremely well with moulded cornices. This ceiling type can be installed using wooden 32×32 saligna branderings or steel branderings system.

Exposed truss ceiling application is a modern ceiling installation application that exposes trusses- that are conventionally covered when installing ceilings in a horizontal format. This application unlocks volume in any room that this ceiling application is installed. This ceiling application can be installed with a ceiling type of your choice i.e Rhinolite ceilings, H-strip ceilings, Iso-board ceilings, Knotty-pine, nutec ceilings etc. fastened onto either a steel grid or wooden branderings.

Knotty pine ceiling is a wooden ceiling type joined by means of a tongue and groove system. This is another classic ceiling type that still looks spectacular (when installed correctly) to this day. The current trend is to install knotty pine over trusses (thus exposing the trusses) and painting both the trusses and knotty-pine ceilings white with the sides finished off with scortia-pine, pine covers-strip or quarter-rounds.

Professional interior and exterior painting services cater to both residential and commercial properties. Our expert painters apply high-quality paints that ensure a flawless finish and long-lasting durability. We specialize in various painting techniques, including brush, roller, and spray applications. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to perfectly match your aesthetic and functional needs.

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